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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I don't know why I can be team up with some of non-manner person...Well actually if he doesnt speak to me with the kind of language only GOD knows about it maybe just maybe we can be close just like with my other colleagues..And the most bizzare thing is why my boss keep him and trust him about anything that's happen in this office...oh my..oh my...
I know from my experience..this kind of person will be around..eventhough I choose to move to other company...but i think it's enough for me to have someone to work with this attitude...That's why I made decision to leave this company..But actually the main reason is because I need to be cooling down from this hectic life...I don't know if this method will be work but if I don't try it , I'm afraid that I will feel feeling guilty for the rest of my life...If this not working at least I've already try....No need to be feeling guilty about....

The first activity that I'll do will have
1. Spa in Taman Sari Spa & Heritage.. Need to refresh my body , mind, and soul....
2. Looking for Piano Course..I know I'm not that young to learn piano..but at least I've already try it...
3. Looking for Design Interior Course...I've already check with some institutes in Jakarta, there's only 1 Institutes can provide it..Will tell you the details after I check them directly...
4. Of course shopping for my LV Bag...Damier Trevi bag..This bag is the new season in LV..I've already check to LV store in Jakarta. They inform me this bag is in waiting list...oh my gosh..and I'm already become the 24th person in this WL..But I've already said no...because I think I don't need to wait that long (they say it will come on December)...

me writes @ 2:14 PM


Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's already almost 2yrs i'm not write anymore in this blog..well actually because I feel not need to have diary online..but now I think I need it for continue this blog..

There will be one question that I need to asks myself...I finally confirm become housewife after 10yrs of working..I finally decide to quit of my job...I know I feel like lost because usually I've a reason for wake up in the I need to change my mindset..Need to sacrife if I want this to be happen..Hopefully...
I just wish my sacrife will be have a result that we're waiting for........

me writes @ 10:16 PM


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Ehmmmm It's already one year I thought that I'm not posting anymore in my own blog...well most of the people called it HIATUS...maybe it's right yess.. I'm not doing nothing to my own blog...well dunno what happen though maybe because there's so many things to do in this for a change now... i'm not in my previous i'm in the biggest telecomunication in what they says..but it's not like I expected...ehmm maybe because we're human we never satisfied that what we get..i know it's very wrong and I'm try to be grateful what already given to me...

me writes @ 11:21 AM


Friday, September 10, 2004

I bet you all know about BOMB that happen in seems still unbelievable but it already 3 years in a row..Indonesia have 3 bombing especially in Jakarta...still can't believe what happen...Do they know about the effect of the bombing...if their target are australians people..well they wrong...because now we can see is the victims is Indonesian people who innocent..not knowing what happen...oh there any peace know in Indonesia...we need YOUR GUIDANCE on this..if there any peace now..we already tired to face the same problem...Just hope that this will be the last tragedy that we will face.... ..hope & prays this will be the last one...

me writes @ 10:51 AM


Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Start today with the smile & love......ehmm i know it's sound so cliche..but i know that for sure after i live about 27 years in this world.. this couple of years back..finally what my mom usually said that start your day with smile & will make you more grateful about life...Well my friends that's statement is TRUE AND ACCURATE...because what i felt right now and what i did everyday with smile & love it will make your day more and more beautiful.... now my friends just start your day with SMILE AND LOVE...

me writes @ 10:43 AM


Friday, August 20, 2004

Yach i know...i'm not updating this blog for more than 2 weeks..well guys...i'm preparing presentation for my boss before he's going to singapore.. Thank GOD it's finally done... ...
anyway now my body just feel very tired..i need something to cheer me up..ehmm maybe if i just bought that pink bag that i want to..maybe it will cheers me up..hihihihhi..but dunno..if i really need that pink bag..but it's so cute....oh hope that the price will going down......hope that...
Well..need to work something out..just wanna say...Have A nice Weekend everybody.... ....

me writes @ 10:53 AM


Friday, August 06, 2004

just found out my oldfriends also have blogger..ya ampun isenkk, harlequin kemana aja nich elo elo pada..semenjak forum udah tutup makin sepi aja yach kita ....anyway udah mau jumat lagi nich ???? kemaren nggak masuk kantor lagi pilek gitu...sekarang masuk ech ternyata kantor sepi beneeerr....ehmm if i know this, maybe i will not come to the office also.....anyway HAVE A NICE WEEKEND EVERYBODY

me writes @ 11:24 AM